Competitive College & University Admissions


etting into a top-tier college or university in the U.S. is a hope that continues to inspire thousands of gifted and talented students from all over the world.

Alumni from those hallowed institutions tend to enjoy tremendous advantages throughout their professional lives, having had access to the highest quality of instruction and extraordinary opportunities for self-actualization and networking both during and after their studies.

Needless to say, competition among applicants for the limited number of seats available is extremely fierce and growing every year. Navigating this process successfully requires years of thoughtful planning and careful strategizing. Those who really want to maximize their chances seek out and invest in personalized coaching and mentoring services from an experienced admissions consultant. And this is where MindWorks comes in.

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ll of our admissions consultants are actual graduates of highly selective institutions (e.g. Yale, Princeton, Duke, Columbia, Harvard, etc.), and we have also served as alumni interviewers for their admissions committees. As such, we possess special insights into the distinct institutional characteristics and campus cultures of those elite schools and have firsthand knowledge of exactly what it took for us (and our peers) to be admitted.

At MindWorks, we take a comprehensive and custom-tailored approach to your entire application portfolio to help you to stand out and shine from among the crowd. After all, when you are competing against tens of thousands of other well-qualified candidates, simply having good grades, near-flawless test scores, strong recommendation letters, and a range of extracurricular and volunteer activities is just not enough.


he most ideal time to begin working with one of our consultants at MindWorks is sometime before the 9th grade and no later than by the beginning of the 11th grade year. However, we have worked with clients as early as the 4th grade and even part-way through the 12th.

Whatever your situation, we would be happy to meet with you at our office and discuss your options during a free, 30-minute consultation.

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