Pre-College Academic Bootcamp


ongratulations!  You have successfully been graduated from high school and are eagerly counting the days until your college adventure starts!

As hard as you have worked until now, however, you will quickly realize that getting into a college or university of your choice was not the destination but actually just getting to the starting line for what awaits you.  In fact, how you perform over the next 4+ years could very well shape the next 40 years of your professional life.  The stakes have never been higher.  How ready are you?

At MindWorks, we don’t want you to merely putter along and survive the college experience.  Through our Pre-College Academic Bootcamp, we want to help you to arrive prepared and ready to thrive and shine!

While your “natural smarts” may have been adequate to let you “get by” with respectable grades through high school (without exerting yourself too much), it simply will not be enough in the future.

Far too often, students arrive on campus to their first semester severely under-prepared for the rigors of actual college-level work.  In fact, even some of the brightest and well-motivated students can find themselves feeling completely overwhelmed and discouraged within the first few weeks and, before too long, on academic probation.  This is why colleges and universities continue to invest enormous resources to maintain various academic support and remediation programs and administrative offices of “retention services” (to prevent students from dropping out or transferring elsewhere).  Such programs, however, simply cannot reach everyone and, even when they do, are largely hit-or-miss in terms of actually helping students who are struggling.

In general, there will be fewer assignments that are weighed more heavily.  In some upper-level courses, there may only be 1 or 2 exams or papers that will determine your entire grade for the semester.  Also, whatever lovely stories the recruiter, campus tour guide, or school brochures have told you about the “low” professor-to-student ratio, in many courses you will be just one among 200+ students in a lecture hall.*  

The point is that you will be expected to hold yourself accountable for keeping up with the syllabus and course materials.  Unless you arrive prepared with the right mindset and the right skillset, you will inevitably fall behind and also find yourself ineligible to major in the most desirable programs.

*Due to resource and personnel constraints (and also for quality control purposes), each academic department can only accept and graduate a certain number of students each year who major in that discipline.  In the more competitive and desirable programs, there are several courses that are implicitly intended to “weed out” large numbers of less capable students, to actively discourage or altogether eliminate them from further pursuing that major.


t MindWorks, we offer during the summer months of July and August several college-level courses in an intensive/condensed format, which are taught by an experienced college professor.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to quickly read and analyze college-level texts
  • How to write academic essays that are effective and well-balanced
  • How to actively engage your peers and professors during in-class discussions/debates
  • How to be noticed by your professors (to be included in special research projects and ask for recommendation letters, etc.)
  • How to take a leadership role in collaborative group projects

Currently, we are offering college-level courses in a variety of disciplines, including: Philosophy, History, Political Science, Anthropology, and Religious Studies.  While each course may cover a particular topic or issue at depth (e.g. “Biomedical Ethics” or “Ancient Roman History,” etc.), they will be specifically designed for the intro-level student.


ach course will run for 2-weeks (Mon~Fri: 9am ~ 3pm), with regular written assignments and a final project and/or paper.  Class sizes are limited to allow maximum interaction and discussion.  All reading materials, along with the course syllabus, will be provided to each student (no additional purchase necessary).

To be eligible, you must be a recent high school graduate who plans to attend a college or university during the upcoming academic year.  All other interested students will be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Enrollments are closed for 2016.