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MindWorks is Changing!

MindWorks will be relaunching our services as Accept-Ed, which will focus exclusively on coaching and mentoring 8th~12th grade students for competitive college admissions.

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Our Proven Method

Our students’ personal growth and academic success always go hand-in-hand together at MindWorks.  “Accept-Ed” is an innovative approach to competitive college admissions which is built on that same philosophy. 

Like many other consultants and providers in this field, we also have a long and proven history of placing students at some of the most elite universities and colleges in the nation.  What sets Accept-Ed apart, however, is our recognition that “getting in” is just the beginning rather than the destination.  Thus, rather than fixating exclusively on the important but short-term goal of gaining admission, our individualized approach intentionally aims at building the skills and habits necessary to thrive upon reaching that starting line and beyond.

Intensive planning, coaching, and mentoring typically begin toward the end of 8th grade, but it is never too early to start the planning process. 

Other services for completing the application portfolio are also available. 

John H. Lee

Lead consultant