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Tutoring: The Key to Building Strong Studying and Homework Habits

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Tutoring

If you’re a parent concerned with your child’s lack of motivation in school, poor homework habits, and/or bad grades, private tutoring can provide the boost to get a child back on track and improve their academic performance. Tutors help students not only with specific subjects, but also assist them in developing valuable learning and time management skills that will serve them well throughout life.

How can tutoring accomplish these goals? First, a tutor is much more than a ‘homework helper.’ Tutors offer flexible, individualized instruction and personal attention that a busy classroom teacher simply can’t provide. If your child has fallen behind in math, for instance, a tutor can identify their learning gaps, design a curriculum that reviews mathematical concepts and problems, and patiently work with the child until they master each lesson. 

Gaining a sense of mastery often increases the child’s self-confidence in other areas as well. It’s a ripple effect that can have a positive impact on every aspect of the child’s life. For example, a child who begins acing her tests will likely have an improved attitude about school and gain confidence in herself and her abilities. She may participate more in classroom discussions and be more interested in learning and being challenged. Success breeds success!

For students and parents, this can also translate to a happier and more peaceful family life. If you’ve ever had endless arguments with your child about them not doing their homework, you know how frustrating and unproductive these conversations can be for both of you. Tutors promote organizational and time management skills by encouraging students to prioritize their assignments, plan their work, and avoid procrastination. 

Good study and homework habits are best learned and practiced as early as possible. But these habits are not innate, and while some students manage to get decent grades with minimal effort, most children must learn ways to make their study sessions productive. Tutors teach students how to use their time more effectively and free themselves from distractions. 

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